Agua De Coco 2014 Campaign, Sexy and Elegant Swimwear

Izabel Goulart, she looks so stunning outfit modeling at Sao Paulo fashion week. By using the swimwear she was so charming with her skin that looks so sexy. Agua De Coco 2014 Campaign swimwear fashion show a very diffuse with the surrounding nature. The green color represents the palm leaves, coupled with tropical fruit and animals depicted in each piece of fabric. Green and white color is also selected as the background image as a symbol of nature.

Gear used is equally captivating, bracelets, forth, and earrings adorned with large chunks of the model’s body. One theme with clothes, accessories also the theme of nature. Form of leaves and tree trunks to be chosen. Golden color also chosen to look luxurious and elegant.

So sexy and elegant, curves can be displayed to the fullest. No doubt if many people who fall in love with this outfit. Enjoy Agua De Coco 2014 Campaign.

Agua De Coco 2014 Campaign



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